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Participants and Presentations
Ryan Aipperspach
Boundaries in interdisciplinary sketching (24MB PPT) |
  Ed Bennet
ArtBus - a protocol for distributed interfaces (44K PDF) |
Julian Bleecker
Left to our own devices - designing our personal interaction rituals through hardware sketching (7MB PDF) |

Ellen Yi-Luen Do & Mark D. Gross
Higher-level toolkits and design compilers (15MB PDF) |

Gary Goddard
Teaching technology to express abstract ideas |
  Adam Greenfield
Lars-Erik Holmquist
Cargo cult design: on the boundaries between sketches, prototypes, Mock-ups and other representations (760K PPT) |

Richard Humphrey

Tom Igoe
Networked Objects (2MB Zipped Keynote) |

Wendy Ju
Toolkits for actuation (5MB PPT) |

Ruth Kikin-Gil
The rise of Prosumer electronics (4.7MB PDF) |

Shigeru Kobayashi
Gainer/Funnel (476K PDF) |

Mike Kuniavsky
Intro (HTML)

Tod E. Kurt
Smart Interface Components (2.5MB PDF) |

David A. Mellis
Openness and sustainability, a conversation |

Stefan Marti
Micro hovering devices, desktop weathermachines, zoomorphic and other non-traditional UI prototypes (77MB Zipped PDF and WMV) |

Camille Moussette
HAPI or not? Challenges in building haptic interaction (30MB PDF) |

Les Nelson

I/O Brush |
Nathan Seidle
Economic boundary conditions: What makes a kit/tool feasible and successful? (2MB Zipped PPT) |

Jasper Speicher

Liam Staskawiz
Boundaries between the beginner and the expert (52K PPT) |

Scott Watson
Stuff I've done and do |

David Vondle & Nick Zambetti
Bridging client work and open source |

Camille Utterback
Prototype to finished product |


Haiyan Zhang
Playing with Constraints - The value of interactive prototypes